EAHS Materials

Educational materials about early childhood wellness are available for free to all organizations and early care and education facilities in Cuyahoga County. Feel free to download our resources and use them at your events and with your families.

If you would like to receive hard copies any of the materials pictured here, please email us and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

EAHS Daily Nutrition Guidelines

Good food choices are important for young children. Check out these guidelines about how much food young children should eat everyday!

EAHS Infographic

Information tool that highlights the purpose of EAHS and the work going on to support early childhood health in early learning environments.

EAHS Healthy Family Checklist

We can all use reminders on what to do to be a healthy family. This checklist can be used by young children and their families to work together and set goals for a healthy lifestyle.

EAHS Placemat

Eating should be fun! This interactive placemat helps kids learn about good food choices. It also gives parents and families eating tips and tricks.