Educational materials about Ohio Healthy Programs are available for free to all organizations and early care and education programs in Cuyahoga County. Feel free to download our resources and use them at your events and with your families!

OHP Information

  1. Earn Your OHP Designation
  2. Is Your Childcare Program an OHP

Wellness Information

  1. Daily Nutrition
  2. Physical Activity Guidelines
  3. Introducing Solid Foods
  4. Ohio Healthy Programs

Key Message Handouts

Click and download any of our key message handouts to use at your program or share with your families.

  1. Healthy Foods
    1. Water First for Thirst!
    2. Choose Healthy Foods!
    3. Breastfeeding Welcome Here!
    4. Make Breakfast Count!
    5. Make Snacks Count!
  2. Active Play
    1. Reduce Screen Time!
    2. An Hour a Day to Play!
    3. Cold Weather Fun!
  3. Social Emotional Health
    1. Build Children Up with Words!
    2. Healthy Celebrations!
  4. Family Engagement
    1. Healthy Habit Heroes Family Challenge!
    2. Growing Great Tasters!
    3. Take Time for Meals!
    4. Good Rest is Best!

Rings of Fun

  1. Infant
  2. Toddler
  3. Preschool
  4. School Age
  5. Healthy Celebrations

Past Reports

For OHP Accomplishments from 2015-2019, click here.

For OHP Updates from 2021, click here.

OHP Designation

As a reminder on how to earn designation as an Ohio Healthy Program, click here.