Like parents and caregivers, early care and education providers are the backbone for early childhood wellness in our communities.  More and more families rely on early care and education providers to take care of their children while they work.  On average, young children spend 32 hours a week in early learning environments.  Early care and education providers are role models for healthy habits that young children will use for life.  The early care and education providers at Early Ages Healthy Stages consistently go above and beyond to create opportunities for the children in their care.  When early care and education providers are supported by community and financial resources, they become a source of health and wellness expertise not only for the children that they serve, but for their families and community as well.  Unfortunately, inconsistencies in funding, financial strain, and work/home stressors often keep early care and education providers from giving the energy that they would like to the classroom.  In Cuyahoga County, early care and education providers are not always recognized and appreciated for the significant contribution they make to the development of our youngest citizens.

Cuyahoga County Health Champions Program will serve to elevate the work of early care and education providers, to support them in their efforts as health resource people in their community.

Currently, we are conducting research and focus groups that will help us create a Health Champions program that is founded in evidence-based research, and relevant to our community and provider needs.  If you have experience in programs with Health or Community Navigator programs that you would like to share, please contact Camille at