Hanna Perkins

Shaker Heights, OH 44122

  • Tell Us About Your Program

Hanna Perkins School, Shaker Heights, includes preschool, kindergarten, and parent/toddler program.  Our expertise lies in social emotional development for children.  Together, we partner with parents and child development specialists to support each child’s healthy overall development and to provide special assistance when children are having difficulties.

The school began in 1951 at University Circle.  In 2013, we moved to Shaker Heights.  Staff were delighted with the new space since it had a large garden area and the playground had room for small gardens for each classroom.  Ms. Laura Cyrocki is the cook as well as an organic gardener!  She went straight to work planting vegetables in the garden.  Very soon pre-school and kindergarten children were planting and harvesting food which is also used in the classroom.

  • When did you first become an Ohio Healthy Program

In 2018!

  • What appealed to you about Ohio Healthy Program?  What made you want to apply?

Ms. Cyrocki has always worked to serve healthy snacks and meals.  With the help of our teacher, Mrs. Acierno, we developed a healthy eating policy book for our classrooms.  Thus, it was a natural fit when we met Theresa Henderson in December 2018 and she encouraged us to become an Ohio Healthy Program.   

  • What would you like us to know about you and Ohio Healthy Program?

We thought we knew a lot about healthy eating but had much more to learn.  Being part of Ohio Healthy Program has helped us add additional components to our program.

  • What is one goal that you have for the future?

We are including parents input when creating menus and providing more ways to incorporate movement in the activities we do with children.

Thank you Hanna Perkins for your passion and commitment to young children.  May you continue to carry on the tradition of high quality care and education for many more years to come!