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Community Organization Spotlight:

1502, 2018

Family Connections

Strong families building strong communities.

Cleveland Heights Facility:  2843 Washington Blvd.; Cleveland Heights, OH 44118

Shaker Family Center Facility:  19824 Sussex Rd; Shaker Heights, OH 44122

Karen Gillooly, Director of Programs

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Family Connections’ mission is to strengthen families with young children.  We strengthen each family’s capacity […]

1703, 2017

Caring Cubs

Helping teach young children the importance of giving back through volunteering, education and fun.

Shari Nacson, President

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    Caring Cubs engages families with children ages 2 and up in volunteerism activities that benefit our surrounding community while building each child’s self esteem, family engagement, citizen engagement, and physical wellness.

Early Care and Education Provider Spotlight:

1306, 2019

Hanna Perkins

Shaker Heights, OH 44122

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Hanna Perkins School, Shaker Heights, includes preschool, kindergarten, and parent/toddler program.  Our expertise lies in social emotional development for children.  Together, we partner with parents and child development specialists to support each child’s healthy overall development and to provide special assistance when children are having difficulties.

The school began in 1951 at […]

104, 2019

My Nana Too

Garfield Heights, OH 44125

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My first job at age 12 was to babysit the young children in my family and extended family during the summer months.  I married and came to Cleveland in 1968.  My husband and I usually worked the same shift but sometimes different shifts.  To compound our problems, our […]

803, 2019

Parma Preschool 

Parma, OH 44134

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Param Preschool is a family-owned, private, part-time preschool that serves children ages 3-5.  They are nationally accredited by NAEYC and maintain a 5 star rating from Step Up to Quality.  The preschool opened in 1972 and the current owner, Kim Surniak, has been there since 1998.  Although not affiliated, they are […]

702, 2018

Cleveland Montessori Preschool and Elementary Program

Cleveland, OH 44106

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Cleveland Montessori is a preschool and elementary program located in Cleveland Ohio that is dedicated to the implementation of Montessori Educational principles.  A Montessori education focuses on independence and respect, including respect for oneself and their environment.  This aspect of our philosophy lends […]

405, 2017

Little Achiever’s Learning Center:  Robbie L. Willis Family Child Care Home

Site Administrator: Robbie L. Willis; Cleveland Heights, OH

  • Why does early childhood wellness matter to you?
    The philosophy of Little Achiever’s Learning Center is to ensure the whole development of all children to thrive within their community and environment. By providing quality childcare, I support the philosophy to enhance social, emotional, physical, language […]
3101, 2017

Buckeye Head Start- The Council for Economic Opportunities in Greater Cleveland

Site Administrator: Arlene Porter

  • Why does early childhood wellness matter to you?
    Our program realizes that the availability of wholesome meals to children makes for a positive learning experience.  Early childhood wellness matters to me because many studies show that “hunger affects children’s academic performance and behavior.”

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